Weird Happenings..

we washed my wifes pillow and put it in the dryer,the next day it was missing, we looked up and down for it and could not find it, 4or 5 days later , it shows up in the dryer, my wife said she didnt want it anymore, so I put in on my bed, we just cant figure this out...

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1 Response Jan 10, 2010

That is really creepy! I wouldn't want the pillow either. Some weird spirit has decided to take up residence in your pillow!<br />
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When I was real young and attending Parochial Grammar School, my mother would put our uniforms out on the clothes line to freshen them up. She put them out their along with my other siblings on a dark, overcast day in March. When she went to get them, they had disappeared!<br />
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A year later, in March on another cold, dark day, all our uniforms suddenly reappeared on the clothesline!<br />
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Very mysterious you say? Not really, we had a mentally ill, unfortunate, schizophrenic neighbor next door. Though we could never prove it, we're quite sure we know who was behind it.<br />
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1. Do you have a mentally ill neighbor?<br />
2. Could you have been looking for the pillow at night and it blended in with the inside of the dryer?<br />
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Your story just reminded me of "the case of the missing uniforms"! Hadn't thought about that in years (lol)!