Why I Joined Ep...


I stumbled upon Ep while I was browsing through blogs and read someone's blog  recently where they wished they would die.For reasons she felt were justified she prayed to God everyday her life be taken.She isnt sick or old, quite young infact but plain tired of life.I guess she's lost all hope.I felt compelled to reach out to her and give her some form of hope.I think it's our duty as human beings to offer hope and prayer in some way.So I did.And that's how I got introduced to EP.

I've been browsing through various groups, blogs, stories, experiences on EP and I'm happy and thankful to that person coz of whom I've created an account.There's lots I can learn and contribute here on EP.I'm 25 and my sole intention on EP and this planet is to spread peace and love in any way i can.If there is anyone who feel's the same way I'd be glad to make them friends.I'm here to give ppl hope and to borrow hope when I need it.This is my first post and I intend to keep posting more general stuff. Thank you EP and for all those who read this. love, peace and God Bless

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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

thank u, thats a wonderful thing you said :)

you are sweet :) thanx