December13,2008.I weighed 187,lbs. I joined golds gym My Ole' man is a body builder.30years "ALL NATURAL".Religiouslly..The first year and a half with him, was supplements 101. I learned so much just by making him a Protein Shake to holden down his shoulders  at the gym.  April 2nd 2009 iI signed up for golds 'Know Your Own Strength' challenge. To bad it didn't start in dec. By  July 7 2009 I weighed  134lbs. took 2nd Place! A guy beat me out by 2% body fat and 4ounces in weight he had a Personal Trainer, I had one Hell of a support  team ...I pretty much did his work outs. But...I attended over 70 Classes like Body Pump,triple threat,bender ball, and Spinning,can't forget about Yoga.     cont  2/8/10.......                                                                                                       

newkim2010 newkim2010
36-40, F
Feb 7, 2010