Just Googled Confess...walla!

Hi 28 year old female here. I was going through my phone and noticed that out of 362 people, not one of them I could call and tell them about what I did to my boyfriend. So I sat down and Googled "CONFESS". When I did I saw this web site and it said that I could post and no one had to know it was me posting. Talk about exhaling... thats what I did as I let my fingers do the talking... I am here to remain a mystery and just share things that make me cry, laugh and wonder... Now taking a bow and walking off the stage....

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3 Responses Feb 8, 2010

So where is your confession?

What did you do to your boyfriend?

lol he is an ex now. I would have to reread to tell ya kinda put that all behind me lol

welcome loads of fun on here. :-)