There was a time that our landlord wanted to eject us from the house in which we lived cos he wanted to increase the rent to a higher rate. We even wanted to go to an agreement with him but the only option was we quitting the place. We went in search of a better place but all we came across were not to our satisfaction. When the final date was due,we had to pack out n stay in a guest house;we stayed there for two months and two weeks. One day,we came across a gentleman whom we told our plight n he offered to help by driving us around in his car in search of a better place. Through the search,we came across an agent who took us to place he knew in an estate. The house was nice so we liked it but when it was time for us to move in the landlady started tossing us here n there. My mum got so furious that,we all marched to her house for our money. Upon reaching there,she gave the money to my mum n told my mum she was going to give her place to stay for there were certain things she needed to settle concerning the house we wanted. Lo and behold it was no other place than the same place we wanted, From that day till date,we are there paying no rent. She gave it out to us for free but we don't intend staying there forever.

anneluv anneluv
18-21, F
Feb 11, 2010