I was feeling really lost one day, and I'm sure this is how many people found this site, was trawling the internet to find something to help. For a while I just sat and read through the stories, experiences and confessions and what struck me most was how people were responding to one another. I was also taken aback at the relationships people had seemed to have formed, it made me smile to see people helping each other like that. So I joined and left my confession and was so overwhelmed by the way people responded and the kindness in peoples words, I learnt never to underestimate the kindess of strangers and am looking foreward to making lots of new and wonderful EP friends and getting to know my current EP friends even more.

ErinStar ErinStar
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3 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Your very welcome :) Thanks for the kind welcome

Thank you for commenting on my confession! Welcome to EP.

SO glad I did too! Well I could never leave my booty shaking sista now could I!!? Nahh I will be here for a long while my lovely :D x