Meet Szu-chia

hi, I'm a new member in EP. I'm a graduate students in Georgia Tech. I'm talking a course called "Design of Online Community". I chose EP as my online home place to make friends and to share my life with friends here. I'm also studying how EP supports people like me to share our lives, dreams, and life experience. Nice to meet you all.

szuchia szuchia
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

That sounds exciting!!! I'm really looking forward to my EP journey!! Thanks! :D

aww i love that more and more people come to this site (i left and came back and started a new profile so i dont have a big circle of friends just yet) but i love this site, thats why im here. :D i realllllllllllly do hope you enjoy ep, i cant get enough of this place.