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EP: Good morning and welcome. Wonderful to have you join us. Let's get started right away. When you are 100 and looking back at your life, what do you want to be able to say?

ILoveYoohhBunches: Pleasure to be here. Let me think about that one for a second. That no matter what I did or didn't do I'm very satisfied. I want to say that instead of dwelling on my mistakes, I learned from them. I want to say, that all the hardships in my life, not only made me who I am today, but a better person as well.
I want to say I found love, a romantic type I want to say I am the person I want to be, I want to be strong, I want to be a compassionate, courageous, strong willed, Intelligent, stubborn, loved, appreciated, kind and generous woman. Who left a mark on this world.

EP: Lovely. What is the best advice you have ever received? Who gave it to you?

ILoveYoohhBunches: Glad you brought that up. Oh god, Tons, but I'll do my favorites..
"You're no better then anyone, and their no better then you"My Mother.
"You made your bed, and now you've got to lay in it"-Mom
"You're Miranda, you can do anything you set your mind to"-Family
"Keep your head up and you'll never fail"-Myself
"Treat others how you want to be treated"-Golden Rule
"Keep a mouth as sharp as a dagger, and a heart as soft as tofu"-Chinese Proverb
"Your who you hang out with"-John

EP: Definitely something to think about. If you could change one thing about your life, what would you change?

ILoveYoohhBunches: I sure hope people are enjoying this interview. The place I live in, I hate it.
I'd much rather live in a bigger city, instead of
this one with closed minded, judgmental people.
Two faced People as well.

EP: Excellent. What compelling insights you've given us. Well, that concludes our up close and personal interview with ILoveYoohhBunches . Stay tuned readers, for our next New Member Interview.

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ILoveYoohhBunches ILoveYoohhBunches
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2010