The Day My Life Changed

when i was a child i had muscle pains all the time i went to the doctor alot and they always wrote it off as growing pains , but it was so much more than that i remember many of nights up late crying (sobbing). as i grew up the said growing pains never went away and soon i was always tired never seemed like a normal teenager i always slept  till ten minutes before i had to be at the bus stop .  when i  turned 21 i became pregnant and thats when it all hit the fan throughout my whole pregnancy i was so very thirsty nothing could quench my thirst i drank water all the time . i was waking up every hour to drink water . i also had such bad pain in my hips and legs i could barley sit down because i could never get up. i can remember going to work and would have to use one side of my body to drag the other side up the stairs . The mourning that it all came to a head was a normal day , i didnt have to work but i did have to go to a meeting so i left at about 7:00 am and everything went normal . afterwards i had and aptment and my friend dropped me off and after i rode the buss home i came home and i felt like i always did untill i was standing on the porch with my friend when all of a sudden i was on the ground my legs had buckled and i was on my back . i sort of laughed it off and went about my day but not so long after that i fell again and again and again . i called my ob and they said the baby is probubly on a nerve in your back and to get on my hands and knees and rock back and forth and try to move the baby . no luck , after about the fifteenth fall i started to get scared everyone in my house had left thinking it was just the baby . i gathered the little bit of strength i had left and got my self to stand very shaky tryed to get my self to the bathroom i fell and wet myself . i was devistated and embarresed . i crawled to my room changed my clothes in the sitting position cleaned up my mess and crawled to the door scared out of my mind i hollered for my neighbor and asked her to sit with me because i was scared . when my mom got home i told her mom i need to go to the er somthing is seriously wrong i can feel it . i had to crawl to the car because i could not walk at that point .when i got to the hospital my mom got me a wheel chair and they asked me what was wrong and i felt sort of embarresed but i said i cant walk . they took me right back took blood and not too long after that about 5 doctors stormed in and told me that they new why i couldent walk , my potassium levels were at 2.0 the lowest they had ever seen . i really didnt understand at that time but i trusted them . they gave me a high dose of potassium in an iv that hurt worse than any pain i had ever felt in my life . they then transfered me to the univercity of washington because my case was so rare and they didnt feel they had the capabilitys to take care of me and my baby . i was paralyzed for 7 days . after my potassium levels came back up i was able to walk again but i will never be the same . i know have to live with severe pain , muscle weekness ,migraines , and i have gained alot of weight because its so painfull to really do anything . i never have any energy . it really hard because not many people understand this disorder my husband sometimes in mean to me because i belive he dosent belive me when i tell him how i feel . i am unable to work because of this disorder and i am very depressed . if anyone know and information that you think could help me please send me a email thanks for reading my story and i feel for anyone suffering from this disorder . thank Brianne :0) :0(

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and the doctors dont know what to do? wow thats horrible, well maybe you should try acupunture? or floating but i think that acupunture could help a lot. but hey your really strong just so you know. and sorry if i wasnt much of a help