I Love Womens Feet!!!

since i was a teenager ive had this fetish for women with pretty feet and sexy legs. ive alway wanted to find a woman that was into having her feet licked and kissed all over and toes sucked on. ive alwas wanted to recieve footjob but it seems like i cant find the rite woman to try this with.

itslickkrack69 itslickkrack69
26-30, M
6 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Haha you obviously haven't searched :P

any response from womem out there?

i know how u feel i get horny thincking about feet

I''ve had the same feelings since I was about 20. now it seems to consume me and it's worse if she's got on sexy shoes like heels and what not.

Have you found them?

Womens feet are sooo hot! I would love to have a woman who would let me lick her feet all over and between her toes.


Yes I would love to do it to and have her rub my **** with her feet