Snow Removal Machine

i needed to drive to a doctors appointment tomorrow in another city.  i got my rental vehilce and parked it on my street.  There was a big snow storm; the biggest this winter.  i try never to shovel the accumulated snow until it stops coming down to save the work.   the snow kept falling and i had an evening class to go to.  when i got home i was too tired to move t he snow, it's  really wet and heavy..  i told  myself i could do it in the morning but it would be harder then probably.  At 11:30 pm my   doorbell rings.  ive never had someone at my door that late  ( i know)  but when i saw it was a young man with a shovel  i perked up.  there were four them and it was like a snow removal machine.  they did a very thorough and good job. i even got them to drive the car and back it into my small driveway.  and i didnt have to ask them to do the backwalk they just did.   they wanted $10, i gave them $20.  it'll be so nice to go out tomrorrow and just go.  everything is ready thanks to them. 

clarkee clarkee
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

A great story, and heartwarming to know there are people like that in the world.

Hi I am happy to hear that people helped you out, when you needed the help. How have you been I was just looking at my circle have you found any friends amongst them there are some really lovely people in my circle people you should get to know they come from all types of back grounds. Be a little careful of sqirt he is looking for a quick solution to fix up his life but he is ok i just wouldent get into money talks with him but he is fun I just put basic ideas in front of him. Things like designing ski board graphics. some of the people in my circle are doctors, some are office administrative, some are house wives,some are retired, well lots of love and laughter from Jillykirby