Idonot Know What To Do?????

iam in the second year at the faculty of eduacation(physics&chemistry) the first year ihave succeded..but now iam in the second year and ihavenot done well at the exams of the first term.and iam waiting for the result now.but iknow it will be bad result

and now iam in the second  term of the second year..and icannot bear going to the college..ihated it

iam not asuccessful person

ihave no desire to work now& idonot know what to do

if ithought of going to another college it willrepresent abig proplem at home&my parentes will be so angry

please help me

soesra soesra
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

Life is short. You are young. Do what makes you happy. Don't underestimate your parents. I remember doing pretty much the same thing. My parents didn't like it but they accepted it.