I Have Already Poured My Heart Out About Being A Victem Ot Hate Crimes Just Becase I Am Different And I Am Recovering From A Mental Break Down Where People Who I Dont Know Are Trying To The Point Where I Break Down And Kill Myself So They Kep Threatening

I seem to be made to feel threatend day in and day out due to the reason i have a drug addiction and i am recovering from a mental break down ,caused by people who seem to geta kick out of playing with peoples minds ,if they pick up on the fact they are either suffering from a mental break down or rg  depression,i now have been apart of a daily routine by a group of people who seem to live to pay me attenstion by telling to leave the place i asm staying where i am being helped out to recover from a mental break down that people seem to play on, cause they believe they can threaten me 247 andf get awy with it down tothe fact i am a drug user and i had a mental break down so no one is gonna really pay much notice to what they do to me,cause i an nutty they have got me into a stste that i am scared to even have a bath just in case they break the front door down as they have been telling me. Now because i am living with people of a certain age whos health is not that good they dont feel its right that some one like me should have any one to take care of me or even stand by me cause of the fact i have problems in my life ,they go right out of there way by banging doors and and trying to frighten the old people i am staying with ,cause they feel they have the right to push there way of life on to people who have nothing to do with them and they want to be noticed by,all i guess they have never had any one stand by them the way i have had people stand by me,and its harsd to take in when alot of people seem to be small minded and doing what ever they can to enforce their threats by telling people what to do in a place that they pay rent for.I always used to think nosey people were older people but i have found out that is not the case,and these people who are wanting to take my life who live in the same place sa i am staying are shouting it to me in what ever room i go into even when i am on the loo they are still giving me loads,then they start their school games by calling names,and telling me what they are arranging for me, no matter what time of day they pay me notice in every way,they listen to every thing i say and they just live really to devote all teir time and effort in trying to get me to flip as they putit,but what makes me laugh is what they want more than any thing is to see me defend myself in this childish game they are in the process of planing.Never the less they seem to have a obbsession with me by trying to get who ever they are in contact with to shot me,as it all boils down to the fact ,that any one they dont like they will take it out on the old and any one who shows me as much love and attenstion as Barry and Kay and graham they even try reverse tactics by saying things like the old people want me out but they have stood by me through alot and aint gonna let any body come between what we have,even  thou they claim they are better then most these people who want to take my life will i have to be worth it ,cause since Dec they have paid me attension no matter what time of day and are willing to go all out to get there demands and threats across so i will keep a update on this site to let you know what lengths people in Edgbaston in Bham are willing to go to in a little flat near St Augustines church were Barry and Kay and  Graham have lived here in this neck of the woods for 11 years i  have also lived here for 2 years but always been about keeping are selves to are selves in till  these new people who dont like any one that does not do what they want them to do ,have started to target people who they have nothing to do with cause they are easy pray and  me picked on cause4 of there mentakl state or because of their ages whaw would you do if you was in a simillar problem....? 

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
Feb 24, 2010