My Large Story

I guess my story really starts from 2007, that's where my life just plummeted down.

Although i was still at school, i struggled through it, my parents are divorced and i believe it doesn't matter if they are, you get on with it, the only problem i had with it was that my parents use to verbally abuse me because they liked to play games with each others heads and when the other had realized what was going on, they took it out on me. to this day it still happens, although my father says to my face he loves me, but behind my back he tells others that I'm a lost cause, i should be out in the real world with a job and so forth, even though I'm doing full time studies.

My mother on the other hand, lets just say i believe that we just weren't't supposed to ever be in the same family. I'm not proud to say this but we have had 2 physical fights, and countless verbal, but i have to say 90% of the time I'm proud to say she still doesn't have an effect on my life, i know I'm only 17 and should really not do the things is do but sometimes we just don't have a choice. I moved out of home when i was 16 into a friends house, i was playing netball  one night at the local netball courts, she turned up and abused me and started getting physical and i believe if you hit someone, expect to get hit back, which is what i did. I then called the police after wards, they were on my side because after my mother kicked me out she filed a missing persons report, but then told them where i was, stuff up number one. Things were great living at my "friends" house, although i got used, and all of my things always got stolen i knew it was better than living with my mother. i was doing so well, i lost weight, i was happy and i was somewhere that i felt was home. That was until my "friend" moved up to live with her grandmother, i was then kicked out. I had to move back in with my mother or i had the streets, I feel now my mother has realized that she will lose if she raises a hand to me because i have no problem retaliating, Although she takes my money, uses me and abuses me she knows i cant do anything about it because i have no where to go.

Until now.

i get paid $330 a fortnight for studying right, well lately my mother has been making me pay $100 rent a fortnight, buy all of my own food, all my own toiletries, linen and everything. My best friend Nathan has also moved in, but my mother thinks hes more of my brothers friend than mine that's why hes allowed to stay. But he has just moved back in and he only pays $100 with everything else provided for him except personal items and he is on the same amount of money that i am. My brother gets $1000 a fortnight and only pays $150 with everything provided for him. By the way, I'm not just saying this for the hell of it, but all of my family members have also pointed out that she favors my brother. He's 21 in 2 months and is still at home and she still treats him like hes 15 , which is why he wont move out, he agreed its because he has it heaps easy here. 

Finally all of this is changing around thanks to the second friend i have, i only have Nathan and steph. both gay, except steph is now bi and has been with her man for a year and a bit now. Hes not that bad, a bit full on sometimes but shes happy and thats all that matters. She lives in a caravan park, but there aren't any caravans there are cabins. there are heaps vacant, extremely cheap rent and so forth so me and Nathan are moving into one together in the next few days. We are so excited about it, we both finally have freedom.

There is only one other problem and that is my fathers recent ex girlfriend of 6 years and their daughter, unfortunately my half sister who is 5. That kid gets away with blue murder, is a very ignorant, rude, obnoxious little *****. her mother has taught her to say leave me alone I'm only 5 when i get up her for something. She has also taught her to say you cant yell at me your not my mother. in the first 4 years of my father and his girlfriend being together i thought she was awesome, but in the past 2 Ive realized shes nothing but a two faced, lying backstabbing mole. She has people constantly checking my face book for updates and reporting back to her what i say in hopes its about her and she can find an excuse to start something.

The other day it crossed the line, she started on me about something that her "stalkers" told her, and i lost it, i yelled at her for the way shes treating my father, for the way she never disciplines my half sister and for the fact she has people checking my face book and also her rude and obnoxious son who has never treated me with any sort of respect and constantly insults me.

Her excuse as to why kirra is so obnoxious and rude and so forth is because she say shes only 5 leave her alone she doesn't know right from wrong.That kid defiantly knows right from wrong, and has a mouth on her that i would love to smack her out of it. Kirra takes things that aren't hers and hides them, when she is caught with it she knows she wasn't supposed to have it and chucks a fit because its taken off of her. Or she lies about it and so forth to get herself out of trouble. But that's only the start of it,i could write a full essay about how that kid is the most rudest little kid Ive ever met, and her mother tries saying every kid is like it. You will believe that if you have just read the previous part, but if i were to say everything that the ***** does you would not say that every kid is like it. i played a part in raising 4 different children and they were never like her. i try to ignore the constant whinging and screaming and so forth but i blew it. the funny thing was that my fathers ex girlfriend tried ending the argument when she didn't wanna hear it anymore but when she wanted to argue her point she made sure you were listening. 

At this point  in my life i am hoping to finish my course in 8 weeks, and just leave, leave all the backstabbing, abusive **** i have here and start fresh and be happy and love life. I want to be able to tell my fathers ex girlfriend to get ******, get off of her fat arse and get a job, stop feeling sorry for herself because she has a bad life when actually she has a good life. I wanna be able to tell my father that its time he stop saying **** about me behind my back because i am his daughter, he treats his ex girlfriends daughter more like a daughter than me. And i would love to punch my mother in the face one last time and tell her to stop looking for sympathy over every little thing, stop trying to act all tough when shes not, stop trying to act like she knows everything. She has it in her mind that if it hasn't happened to her then its bullshit if someone says it happened to them. she even tried looking for sympathy over one of my school mates committing suicide when she didn't even know him. she was like oooo poor Debbie (meaning his mum) oh i must go see her, the poor thing, oh I'm so upset about cam, but the funny thing is, his mums name is Kass, not Debbie. She never knew cameran and the day i found out about it and she stood over my shoulder trying to get information about how he died and **** and wouldn't stop. Because it was suicide not many people knew, my second cousin did, and she was like oh tell me what happened and my second cousin was like no sorry it has been asked that no one be told. So my mother turned around and said oh yep defiantly suicide, probably hung himself, I'm going play a game and try and get her to tell me what happened. So she sent a txt saying oh a bunch of kids are saying suicide, was it? like how ******* dare she.

so much more has happened lately but at the moment i really dont want to talk about it, apologies if you have just wasted alot of time reading this, but i just want to vent, i don't get to talk to people about it often, i don't want to put it on Nathan or steph, the last thing they need is me complaining about everything to them and i don't want to lose friendships because of other peoples actions.

mjh1992 mjh1992
18-21, F
Mar 3, 2010