Want Some One To Share His Wife

 .its very difficult to swaping but very exciting i want to share my wife with a couple

taban taban
2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

his eyes. after that i was encouraged to my surprise seema his wife was leaving no chance to hug me when she was loosing her balance in water. and my friend was also trying to touch sneha my wife with evry positive opportunity. sneha told me about his this behavious under water. she said ur friend asseem is touching his legs, catching my waist and pussing his hard erected tool in my back. i told sneha to be relax and just enjoy the moments. as we four were all drunk with beer and whiskey..so i took it lightly and asked her to take it lightly and enjoy the moments.. and let him do whatever he wish ..i requested her to cooperate my friend ...with a lovely kiss lip to lip and a great hug to sneha....and i also requested sneha not to ind my mingle with seema because i am also enjoying her lovly body now and then..sneha looked at me strangely ..and bl<x>inked her eyes but not reacted... after few minuttes i noticed sneha is cooperting my friend , taking her hands to her boobs and asking silently to massage them, with a gentle touch...seema was also cooperating me..a lot ..i tink asseem would have told him the same thing as he was also enjoying my wife... seema was just catching my back..falling in my arms and i noticed she was pussing hands to press my **** now and then... we both are hard now and we noticed that with a new man our wives were also very hot and sexy....now we wanted to ease ourself... so we kissed each other wives..pressed her boobs and infacts liked her boobs under water...i put one step ahead and cares seemas ***** over panty by my fingure...to my surprice seema moaned and dont stoped me... my wife snaha was cathing assems tools and pussing it towards her ***** underwater....finallly we all were very hard..and hot...saw sneha that she has taken assem's fly in her hand and ************ it.. i just catched seems hands and put in my hard ****...and slided it tro and fro...i put my fingurers in her under her panty and fingured her ***** .. now she started ************...me and i was just caresing and massaging her **** and *****... sneha was also enjoying my friends hands in her *****..... we wre kissing and peressing their boobs.. we tried to penitrated our **** in her ***** but it was not possible under water... so we came finally with a soft ************....then we went to the restrurent ..have some soups and snacks...we openly decided to swap in a same room...as we all are exited with the experience...and we wemt into our room...next we really have a amazing sex with each other wifes with dirt chating and enjoyed ******** and nice ****....from then onwards my wife snaha always ask me for handsome couple friends and now we cant even imagine our life with swaping....

hi guys n girls me and my sexy wife just had a sexy swaped wt my friends n his wife sponteneously in a hotel pool. it was not planned bt statred when while having fun in pool my friend wife seema was abt to dip in water and to escape catch my hand and huged me after relief. i got a sensation by her touch all over my body.and catched her arms strongly with sexual passion. perhaps she understood my intentions and stared my face. she is very beautiful with slim figure and milky skin.my friend laughed and bl<x>ink