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Have you found how few good conversations you seem to have?

Does anyone think about much anymore or is everyone at home mindlessly watching TV?

Just today I sow  a brief description of a study that examined 2000 conversations.  This study found that people that have more in depth conversations are on average happier.  Why am I not surprised.

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TV has become such a beast that defines our culture and dominates so much of people's lives. You're right conversation, especially at home, appears dead. When I came to the US one of the cultural differences I found strange as the concept of the 'teenagers'. It was odd to me that most American families didn't sit down at the table (TV off) and talked. 'teenagers' were these aloof creatures that were embarrassed of their parents and lived in the home like the stranger upstairs. <br />
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If I ever have kids, we will eat dinner at the table and TV will be tightly regulated. Most people say 'yeah right' but my brother is doing a good job with his son so it is possble to have family life that is not TV centered.

When I was a kid on a long trip my parents and I talked. There were no TV/DVDs. We talked about everything and one thing led to another and another .... We laughed, we cried, we argued, but we communicated. I know parents that will not buy a car unless it has a DVD pla<x>yer. When I ask them about the art of conversation, they say it's too much work. The kids fuss; they don't want to talk. They get bored and drive the parents crazy. wow - really?<br />
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Dinner was always around the table. No going off to your own little corner with the Atari (just dated myself) or the TV. Nope. We talked about the day, how to handle problems, what was coming up. I never knew it was teaching me HOW to communicate, but it was.<br />
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Even when we did watch TV we watched it together and during the commercials we would talk about what we had seen and apply it to life. I can pick out the students in my room who have parents who teach them to communicate and the ones who don't.

Kindal, it's easy to get sucked in by TV or the net, and I have to remind myself to turn it off. In Miami it's too easy to watch people doing stupid things. I don't know what is up with this place but that's a whole other story.<br />
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I'm sorry to hear that you are not getting out much. It looks like you live in a beautiful place.

That was funny! Why have a novel thought when there are so many clichés for just about everything. You'll have to read my story about orangutans and TV. It shows how addictive TV can be. I'll try to post it on my blog.<br />
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Cheers fellow thinker

TV = Weapon of Mass Distraction! haha. I was disturbed by a statistic I found in passing, stating that less than 10% of the average daily thoughts we have are new ones. Chills me to the bone! And I hate it when people around here tell me I "think too much". BAH!<br />
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Keep on conversing, MtnMig! People like you help deepen the gene pool! :)