Felt so lonely that I actually googled "someone to talk to" (lol how sad huh?) and came across this wonderful site. I seriously have had no socializing the past few days. I've just been cooped up in my thoughts and in my house. I wish I had at least one friend I could pick up the phone and call =( I look through my phone and realize I have nobody I could call and talk to and share my problems or even happiness with. So here I am at EP hoping to find someone who could help me out of this misery. Oh gosh, I need more drink..lol.

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I think (deep down inside) we all joined for the same reason. We either wanted to share our thoughts or just wanted to share our opinions.

>< I forgot how I found this site... But i was very down at the time i found it. If you need some one to talk to, Im a good listener :D<br />
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Should have at least someone to talk to.. Even family :(

i did the exact same thing.lol i looked upneeding a friend. i'd be very happy to be your friend. lonliness is the worst thing to go through. hope to hear from u soon. i'm shirley