This Is Some Crazy, Wonderful Ride.

My little one is 1.5 now, and I've been reminiscing. It is true, that on this road the milestones come about every ten feet. I'm so amazed at every little thing he learns, each new word and expression. Never has any endeavor of mine had the power to make me feel so incredibly weak, yet stronger than I ever thought possible. Every day is a glorious challenge to do a little bit better, love a little bit more. Some days are so overwhelming, I wonder what I've gotten myself into...I feel so lost and unprepared. Then in the next moment, my son will show me the lighter side, remind me that I should not define myself as a mother by any one decision or experience, but rather my compassion and ability to adapt. I love my son, my baby...I hope I give him the best possible start down his own road.
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

This is so beautifully expressed! I just know you are an awesome Mom, not because everything you do is perfect, but because you love and care, and want it to be. There will always be doubts and worries if you are doing the right thing. We are human, and do make mistakes. Being a Mom is as much about nurturing and teaching your child as it is about being open to all the things he will teach you. An average parent raises a child, but a great one grows with the child.