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New Mom Struggles....

Hey everyone! The baby is fast asleep and I have a few brief moments before switching loads of laundry out!!! I am hoping to connect with other Moms in my predicament. I am a Mother of a beautiful 11month old boy and I don't have a Grandmother on my side or my husband's side of the family!It has been rough from the start! When I found out I was going to have a baby I didn't have my Mom to share that wonderful news with.Also, no mom to help me make plans with like the shower or his nursery and so on. Now I am a parent with a lot of questions and in need of good down home tried and true advice. Not to mention I haven't had a date night with my husband in 8 months!!!How do you cope with crying and shots at the doctors? I am a stay at home Mom and in these trying times, with only my husbands income to support us and my Fathers help, it is especially difficult. How do you find time for housework whats your system? I'm still carrying a lot of those extra pounds how do you make time for exercise? I am a little wary about taking my little guy for walks by myself so I would like to meet friends in my area to go walking with, how should I go about doing that?Any who, that's whats on my mind right now I hope I can meet others who can sympathize with my situation and offer me their thoughts as well! 


jenjuniper29 jenjuniper29 31-35 2 Responses Nov 25, 2008

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Well wouldn't you know.....We are all right...hehehehe<br />
<br />
And I know that anything you decide will be right....For you and your family.....<br />
<br />
Remimber have fun with the little one....He will never see the dust on the top of the frig....And he will always love mac and cheese....and hot dogs...and hubbie will always love the woman who remimbers that the first foot in the door should always get a smile...and a peck....(at least he will be another adult at home with you) <br />
<br />
All of these things and you will be alright

My Dear...Calm down....You are making something a lot harder than it is.....Let's take this one step at a time...<br />
<br />
1. How do you find time to exersize...when you have have housework.....Silly thing...What better time than when you have house work.....Do a great deal of things by hand...Get a carpet sweeper....The kind that you push.....Got tile...Well there is no better looking floor than one scrubbed with a scrub brush....On hands and knees....or with a push broom kind...Great for the arms...<br />
Put some hot music on when you dust...and make a dance of it....Have some fun with the everyday things that you do....and the rest will get easier...I promise<br />
<br />
All of this is comming from a Nana....(hate the name Grandma...Much too young for that one)<br />
<br />
Date night...Well it is up to you to make that one....But did you always go OUT when you dated????Did you never stay in??? Come on now....Soft lights....sweet music...pop a DVD in...pop some pop corn......A tray of cheese and crackers...some fruit...a bottle of wine....Think...I know you can....You do not have to go out...besides what was the best time when you were dating...Being all alone with your guy...Now it is the best...You can have him all alone...and not worry about Daddy walking in...hehehehe<br />
<br />
Message me...If you want...Good luck