First Time Mom Struggles With Being So Dependent On Hubby, After Best Job Gets Closed Down :-(

Hi ladies Cheers to all for being a mommy!! It is definitely the most amazing gift God could have ever given me!! I have an amazing lil almost 9mth old little girl named Mia!! She definitely keeps me on my toes!! Well anyhow I just wanted to share with you guys my story and perhaps it will be something good for you too. My story is this: I am a Colorist I used to before Mia work as a Junior Colorist in a Salon but after being there for so many years and not feeling as appreciated as I thought I should have been I decided after having Mia not to go back. (call it pride whatever never going back lol) When Mia was born 3 months after I started a new job as a Colorist in another salon it was GREAT!! I said yes finally I'm moving on with a company who cares!! Unfortunately 3 months later rent at the salon raised so high that the owner could not continue to lease the building (that's N.Y. for you crazy rent prizes) so here I am with a now 6mth old and no job!! My hubby said enjoy her and stay home, I have always worked my entire life since I was 14 yrs old so for me to feel so dependent on someone has been a real big struggle. So I have been trying different work from home ideas but honestly most of them are either too complicated or require to invest money into merchandise or ways to get ahead that its just nuts!! So I came across this great opportunity where I am still Yes learning from it myself and after trying so many I think this is honestly something that anyone can do if they challenge themselves and follow the steps one by one. The best thing is that you don't need to invest any money at all whatsoever to get started!! I am already home all day why not try to see if I can make my time productive by making extra income??? So I am here in a challenge that I gave myself to try and see if I succeed since no money is being invested I won't feel like a failure if it doesn't work out!! So just wanted to share this info for mommy's who might be in my same predicament Hope this helps and NO I'm not a scammer just trying to put the word out there for those trying the same things I was that are not working!!
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Jan 15, 2013