Whats Wrong With Me?

Maybe I don't qualify as a "new" mother anymore.  My son is 15 months and wonderful.  However, I can't seem to break out of this fog.  You know how some children are classified as "failure to thrive"?  I am failing to thrive. 

I am so unhappy with myself and my marriage.  I worry about the effect I am having on my son. I am so in love with him, and I try to be a "happy" mom.  But I just feel like I am not doing a good job overall.  I see "normal" people out doing "normal" things and I wonder how they do it.  How do I get there from here????????

Some days I dont even shower or get dressed.  I feel like a failure.

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Reading your post really hit home. I have a 9 week old and am struggling as well.. He has colic and reflux so that doesn't help. While my marriage is not an issue, my husband works a lot and often at night, so it is just me..I see other mothers and it seems to come so natural. Why can't I figure it out? Why are their babies happy and mine is not? What am I doing wrong?? I feel like I am struggling to figure it all out, that it is soo hard for me.

Depression is a word many women dont like to hear but if diagnosed and treated early it can make a big difference. Don't worry about your husband right now and focus on your child;take him for walks, to the park, to the zoo just anywhere to spend quality time with him. I feel the same way sometimes but with my 8 year old. He wants me to play with him but I dont feel like it and it hurts his feelings. Find something that will make you laugh that helps me. Hope you feel better.

So glad to have helped you. Please let me know how you are going from time to time. Keep in touch. WG

wg,<br />
thank you for giving it a name. I didn't know I was depressed...how weird is that???? I took your advice and called a counsellor and after answering a few questions she said that yes, I am suffering from depression. I am going to see her soon and hopefully work through this. Thanks for caring.

Poor thing. You have post natal depression. Unfortunately it is very common but luckily it is treatable. You'll probably need to go the the doctors for a medication subcription and find a good councellor. Don't like your illness go on any further. Motherhood is wonderful and something you should be enjoying.<br />
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take care. I'm here if you need me. WG