New Submissive In Training

For as long as i can remember i have been dreaming of finding a Master to teach me to be the best submissive i know i can be.

For many years i have put this part of me to the  back of my mind and to be truthful was frightened to embrace it in anyway, after a few long and unhappy relationships i decided that if this was who i was i would never be happy in any relationship until i do.

Now finally I am a subbie in training with my Master and have never been happier, not trying to hide who i am anymore, learning everyday to be the best subbie i can be, I'm not without my faults and mistakes have been made and punished for, but as the saying goes, "we all learn from our mistakes" and that i have.

Would love for any new submissives to share their stories.
Anyone else with advice on this it would be welcomed.

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xoxshoni xoxshoni
26-30, F
3 Responses Nov 27, 2010

He's overwhelmed me. You've been looking, but for me it's more like I'm surrounded by it and slowly giving into it. I'm torn between the physical pleasure, and not wanting to be submissive.

I am 46 yrs old ,It took years, marrages, to find what was missing, I am so glad you found what you needed and wanted it will be your most fulfilling time of your life, hope you all the best.

Tell us what your master is training you to perform?