It Isn't Easy Being Green

Its a part of who I am. I started rooting for the Jets when I was nine years old because I wanted to be different from all the Giant fans around here. Over the years I've lived with being second fiddle, with having to start a phone call campaign to keep them on TV on Sunday afternoons. I've lived with gut wrenching losses and lost seasons. Inside of all of that what was most important was hope. Like the Brooklyn Dodgers of the 1940s and '50s. Wait til next year. Its about hope and belief. Yeah, I know sports is a business and I know that players are over paid. But there is still a nine year old kid inside me that believes in those men in green. That they will win for me and, for once, I'll be on top of the NFL mountain.
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Yeah, we're not too fond of old #4, but I'm just glad hes not our headache anymore. Y'all have Rogers and we have Sanchez and both teams are better off.

Hmmm last couple comments here are disturbin, to say the least . Guess I 'll recognize your props to the Twins org ... but at my house they're still the 'hated' Yankees ... an yeah, jealousy (envy?) DO play into it ... 8)<br />
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An btw ... #4 had a good year under center last year, didn' he? Do Jets fans hate him as much as Packer fans do now?

I've always respected the Twins for putting a quality team on the field without alot of money. An you should never have to apologize for rooting for the greatest Franchise in professional sports history, the New York Yankees. They're all just jealous.

I live in Minnesota twins fans are evil about me being a Yankee fan ... but it doesn't stop me :0

Really? What position does he have? I'm sure I know his name.

MMMMM, yes, that is my experience........... nice, slow circles in just the right spot...........

Fast when they need to be, slow when its better...........

Itchy trigger finger!