The Tourist Lane (a Lesson About Speed Or Lack There Of.)

Sometimes laid back just does not cut stifles my style and makes life harder, one of the rudest things to a New Yorker like myself is folks making me wait, whether it's in traffic, walking or on lines. I get enough of that living out west here, I am outnumbered here, so I have to put up with their slowness. But when back home visiting friends and family on my own turf.....We need a Tourist lane.

Improve Everywhere did this experiment...and made this video about it.

''For our latest mission, we created separate walking lanes for tourists and New Yorkers on a Fifth Avenue sidewalk. Department of Transportation "employees" were on hand to enforce the new rules and ask pedestrians for their feedback on the initiative. ''

SpiceZ SpiceZ
56-60, F
Sep 16, 2012