Is Love Enough?

We met, feel in love instantly......then the misfortunes started rolling in....his back surgery and the long recovery....loosing my job then him loosing his job...this is where you find out what you are made of! Right??!!!
Well I'm feeling like I can't carry us both anymore....where is the person that is supposed to support me??  Why am I the man? doing all the supporting???
today I'm wondering if love is enough.
Brooklynlady Brooklynlady
31-35, F
2 Responses May 6, 2007

In marriage you support one another. When he is down you support him and vice versa. He is not there just to support you. You get married for better or worse not just for when things are going good. Your not always gonna "love" each other when times are rough.

I feel this way too. I got married almost 6 months ago, and we had stressful circumstances from the get go. I am trying to immigrate from Canada to the US and it is so daunting and challenging on us because we do not have the extra money to pay for immigration costs and my tuition. (I entered the US on a student visa and I am supposed to maintain my student status while applying for permanent residency.)

We are at the point where we have no idea what to do, and worry if love is enough to get us through all this. I just want a break! and a chance to relax with my husband who works so hard to support us.