How Did He Propose??

I've been married for just over 6 months now and I'm doing some research for a book on marriage proposals. I would be really interested in hearing other newlywed's stories, in particular: How did he propose? How long were you together before you got engaged? How did you meet? If you'd like to share your story, please message me. Would love to hear from you. Thanks :)
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hi, i would like to share you my story. I first have a boyfriend when i was 20, then after an almost 2-year relationship, I broke up with him because i noticed that he is seeing another girl (that is now his wife). Another guy (friend of a friend) that I've known for 3 years, showed his interests in me and we dated for 3 months and we became together. But after 2 months, our relationship became sour and bitter. He doesn't have the qualities that i was looking for a man. It also took a year and a half before we separate our ways. I began to feel tired of having a boyfriend so I stop looking for "the ideal man". After 7 months of 2009 no communication with him, a college friend advertised me to her neighbor that seems single for a long time. She also advertised him to me (as in indorsing a product), telling me all the positive traits and how responsible he is as a person. He is 10 years older than mine (i kind of like it). She gave my phone number to him and the following morning, the guy started sending me messages. We couldn't spend time together because he is very far from our place and he is scheduled to fly overseas in a week (for work). He had viewed my friendster account so he could have idea of what i look like and vice versa. From the start we had conversations, it lasted for 4 days. He called me every night and on the fourth night, he told me he loves me. I couldn't feel neither my legs nor my body lying on bed that time because i liked him so much and it feels like the angels lifted me up to the sky. i couldn't say that I love him too but the thing that i strongly felt that time is that "i don't want to lose him." so even if i don't feel saying those words, i told him "ich liebe dich"- that's how German say I love you. i was kind of allergic saying those famous words because of the painful experienced i had with my exes. 3 days after, he flew to the U.S. because he will be joining with the cargo ship. He is a seaman. Honestly, I don't actually believe of going to have serious relationship with him because we haven't met in person. But he is giving such effort to communicate with me. He calls whenever there is phone signals or even using satellite phone just to know if i was okay. after 5 months, i met his father, then his family (i invited them on my thanksgiving party). After 9 months of having such long distance relationship, we finally met at the airport. He is a very handsome guy and very attractive (that's how i find him). And that was the first time i believe in "love at first sight". We dated for 2 weeks and in the middle of a conversation, he asked me to marry him. I was like, "are you serious?". I wasn't thinking that he would say that. He borrowed the diamond ring i was wearing (the ring was given by my father) and use it for his proposal of marriage, with "my ring" he asked me again to marry him! It was like a kind of a joke but I could see in his eyes that he is really determined to marry me. He told me he was sorry because he didn't have a true engagement ring for me. I don't mind it because I know how he supports his family, he is a good son and a good brother to his siblings. Based on how he is to his family, I know, he would be a good husband also. I didn't think twice and said "yes, i will marry you!". We are both in love with each other. He told me we are getting married in a week because he won't be staying more than a month due to another scheduled line-up with cargo ship as a reliever. I did not agree with the wedding schedule he likes. I told him that we should slow down. He should go and finish the contract for another 6 months, and in his return, we will prepare for the wedding. He accepted my decision with a doubtful look in my eyes as if asking for security and truthfulness of my words. I promised him that I am not going anywhere and will wait for his return. After 9 months of engagement on 2011, the church ring its bells as we exchanged our marriage vows in front of our families and friends. We are still loving each other until now. I could see he became a better person, my family love him and I could say, he is the man i was looking for in my life. Though sometimes there are misunderstandings, but it is one way of getting to know each other more. The nature of his work keep us physically apart, but love brought us much closer, with the blessings and presence of GOD in our hearts, i know we will survive. If i was going to marry again, i will marry the same person. I admit that he is not a perfect husband as I am not also a perfect wife, but with the imperfections we have, the effort we make, the love we shared, that makes everything perfect.