I Could Never Be Mean to a Woman

I am too nice for my own good. I cant browse this site without seeing some story that says "I want to be raped" or "Taken advantage of" Or "Oh, it makes me so horny when a man leaves me within inches of my life! I could ********** to my bf stabbing me!!!" otsomething of the sort, and I just couldnt do that to a person. Sometimes I feel like im as good as I can be to a woman, but they just want a man that leaves buises on their *** or makes them bleed. It really ****** me off sometimes how a woman could be attracted to such a brute that I vowed that I promised I would never become.
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1 Response Jan 26, 2008

Well This sure changed over the years. :D

How so? You haven't turned into a jerk have you? If so, you should leave this group. Lol

nah, i just understand the other viewpoint a little better