My Reason For Being An Uncommonly Gentle Man.

The reason I am the way I am is because of my parents. I've always been very close to my mom and growing up I would always have to witness my dad being a complete @$$hole most of the time and it would hurt my moms feelings and even make her cry sometimes. So I promised myself that I would never be like him and treat women with kindness and respect. So far I have been true to my word but it dosent seem to interest a majority of the girls that I have dated. I was told by one in particular that she thought I was hiding something about myself by being nice. In a way I guess I can understand but before I can even share why I choose to be nice I get dumped. Why does it have to get to that point? Wouldnt it make sense to talk about any concerns you have with someones personality. Maybe or maybe not. I havent a clue. Maybe they just wanted to go for another person and just blamed my being to nice to justify their wanting out. I will never know but all I do know is I wont change me even if it leads to more heartache in the future. Because what I have inside my very soul is a yearning to be accepted. Not just by anyone but just by that one person. Who will love who I am and who I choose to be.
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thanks. Im sure things will all turn out alright one day. I just got to be patient.

For me, you're such a gentleman, and you're just being yourself.. . Just stay the way you are, I know sooner or later you'll be able to find the girl in your dreams, whom you will share the rest of your life with.. . I know she's going to be very lucky to have you!!!!! (.!_!.)