Honestly Its The One Thing I Dislike Most About Myself

Yup, that I am too nice. I have gotten alot better over the years so I am not taken advantage of as much anymore.

It was still frusterating tho because being my age, most women arent looking for a nice guy, they are out chasing after the bad boys and what not. But hey, thats life I suppose.

But its ok because I am done trying to change who I am. Why stop being a nice guy? I mean if it is who I am then I just need to be honest with myself and who I am.... and that is exactly what I have done.

So what if women my age dont want a nice guy? I am fine with that and do you know why?

Because it has given me time alone to get to know myself a little better and to accept who I am as a person. Time to actually accept that I am Bi-sexual. Also, my boyfriend dosn't seem to mind how much of a nice guy I am.

........ Didn't see that coming did yea? xD
Krie Krie
1 Response Nov 30, 2012