Lost In Las Vegas

I ended an abusive relationship going on two years. Our relationship was stormy for the most part. Her husband cheated on her with a secretary she hired for him, got her pregnant, abandoned her and the two kids (young adults) and she finds out the house was mortgaged over twice. Bottom line, she lost everything!

By coincidence, my marriage had run aground too. We gravitated to each other, I guess misery does love company. I fell in love with her and she moved in. What ended us was her anger, although she says she's over it.

This is the longest time we've been apart. She says she loves me and misses me as I do her. But until she address her angst I can't go back to that horror of constant nagging and brow beatings. We've been communicating on and off, and she wants to see me next time I'm in town. This will be our third time around. I miss my life, since I left everything with her.
I'm going down the hill next weekend, we'll see...

Meanwhile back at the ranch....

I've met a wonderful lady. But I'm not attracted to her as she is to me. She's in her early sixties and I'm in my late 50's. I just don't find her attractive! I'm shallow I guess. She reminds me of my friends mom. We're friends with benefits at best, but she wants more. I don't have more to give, The thing with my ex has drained my heart so to speak. I feel empty somehow.

Tonight we spoke on the phone and she wants a break since she feels I'm not thinking of her enough, not enough phone calls. (she's 70 miles away) for me this is turning into a chore and I'm beginning to resent her. My issue with women my age or older is they can't hang with me, too sedentary or sick to have fun. The woman I hope to meet has to be able to keep up...

That's all I guess. I think I'll just end up alone.
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Jan 10, 2013