I'll Protect You

In the Summer before my Sophomore year of high school, I was dating this one girl. I had really started talking to her during the Spring semester of Freshman year, and I immediately had a crush on her. During the Summer, I was able to spend time with her. Eventually, we started dating. This was amazing because she was my first girlfriend ever :) (I'll tell more about how great she was and my first kiss with her in another story).

One night, we were at the basketball court kicking around a soccer ball (I had started playing soccer for my high school during Freshman year and had continued to play with the guys on a team in the Summer), and she also liked soccer.

We were talking about many things while kicking the ball around, most of which I can't remember, but one thing will stay with me forever.

She was telling me how clumsy she was and how she hurt herself all the time. She would trip on a flat surface and manage to twist her ankle, and other things would happen along those lines.

I told her that I would never let her get hurt when she was around me.

About five minutes passed and then the ball managed to get stuck against my foot as she was trying to take it, so she tripped. We were playing on concrete, so she was going to hurt herself really bad.

I grabbed her arm and pulled her in to me. As I stood there, holding her arm still, I looked her in the eyes and told her: "I said that I wouldn't let you get hurt."

She proceeded to smile and then kiss me :)
crow1990 crow1990
26-30, M
May 18, 2013