What I See

What I am seeing in this group are the best that men have to offer.

I'm also seeing a group of men weighed down by a phrase. "Nice guy" has too much baggage with it. It screams "door mat" or "milquetoast." We are more than that.

I see here men who are capable of dealing with things. I see men who have broken a stereotype and are able to listen. What I see are problem solvers and information gatherers. What I also see are men who've bought into the idea that their role is one of servant. I say we move beyond that.

We need to reject that term completely. We are "moral" or we are "capable." Hell we are damn fine examples of manhood. Our mothers called us "nice." Mothers want their daughters to meet a "nice boy" and to marry a "nice man." They also picture us wearing short pants and playing with toys in the bathtub even when we're running corporations. How many times did our fathers say they wanted us to be a "nice" anything? I'd venture they wanted us to be successful, courageous, or even heroic. These are what we are. Women want their little boys to be "nice." Men want their sons to succeed.

We've all bought into being nice. You know the big secret? We don't have to sell out. We don't have to give up our core values, our principles, but we can still be more than "nice guys." We can say no to people. We can be helpful and not be taken advantage of or taken for granted. We can move from just being "dependable" to the guys who get things done.

What I've seen here is a group of men who can be the upstanding guys and much more than that. Let's do this.
yetti1973 yetti1973
41-45, M
May 27, 2013