The Worst April Fool's Joke

I got a call from my girlfriend (at the time) one April Fool's Day. She said that she needed to tell me something, and asked me to come over right away. I had a feeling what she had to tell me. Even though I knew what day it was, I still knew that she wouldn't ever joke about something like that, so I hurried over.

Upon arriving, I got out of my car and stood beside it as she came out of her house and came over to me. I hugged and kissed her, and then waited for her to tell me what was going on.

She went on to tell me that she was pregnant. I stood there, quietly, in shock, even though I had figured that that was what she had to tell me. Before I could say anything, she said "April Fool's!" with a smile.

My reaction was apparently not what she had expected. I started to cry really bad. For the longest time, I had wanted to be a father. Being a 16-year-old girl, she didn't consider that as a possibility.

She ended up apologizing and came over to my house. Where I told my mom what had happened, and she had a talk with my girlfriend. They were both close, but my mom also knew that I had been wanting to be a dad for a long time.

I eventually got over it and we kept dating, just so she could disappoint me later on in the future. However, that's for another story.

(I was 18 at the time. After the two of us eventually broke up, I decided to never date a younger girl ever again.)
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1 Response Jul 7, 2013

Why would you be happy about knocking up an underage girl? That's just illegal, selfish and wrong for the girl. Your lucky she wasnt.

In Kansas, 16 is legal. I had wanted to be a dad, and I was happy with her, at the time. So, did you really need to spout your negative, ignorant opinion?

Oh yeah, we know how enlightened and tolerant Kansas is. And your morals shouldn't depend on laws, just as wrong as any other state.

Lol to each their own, I suppose.