The Best Gift

During my Junior Year of high school, I switched to an online high school. I made a few friends through it, but one really stood out. We started talking a lot and we eventually confessed our feelings for one another. We hadn't gotten to meet in person, but I had talked to her everyday, throughout the day, since we had first met online.

We finally met at the first school event, and she was amazingly beautiful. I had never set eyes on someone that looked as good as she did. We both had a great time hanging out at the event. I was sad when I had to leave.

A few weeks later, she mentioned that her 16th birthday was coming up. I had asked her what she wanted. I did not expect the answer that she gave me.

She told me that she had never seen her dad before. She had never heard his voice, received a letter from him, nothing. All she had was a picture of him from around the time that she was born. She told me that, while growing up, she had dreamed that on her 16th birthday, he would come walking in through the door. So, she truly wanted to have her father there for her birthday.

Since I was so in love with her, I decided that I would make that happen. Without telling her what my intentions were, I got his name and where he had grown up from her.

I got onto Google and started searching. After a few hours of digging through a lot of information, I finally came across someone that had to be her dad's father. I found a phone number for him as well.

I called her up and told her what I had been doing since I had talked to her last, and I also told her that I may have found the number for her long-lost grandpa. I told her that it might not be him as well. She urged me to give her the number anyways. The chance of it being him was low since she had searched for so long herself to find her dad. Still, I gave her the phone number since she was so desperate, and it was at least worth a shot. She got off the phone with me to call the number.

She called me back about an hour later. She was crying. This worried me, until she told me that that was her grandpa. She had gotten to talk to him and her grandma, and she got to find out some things about her dad. She also found out that she had some sisters.

If I remember correctly, they didn't have the number for her dad at that time, so she was going to have to wait. However, she was able to talk to him and hear his voice for the first time on the day of her 16th birthday.

She was beyond grateful for what I had done, but I was just happy that I could give her what she had wanted most.
crow1990 crow1990
26-30, M
Jul 9, 2013