A Teddy Bear

My fiancé (at the time) was telling me about a teddy bear she had when she was a little girl. It meant the world to her. At some point, she lost him. The wheels already turning in my head, I asked her to describe him to me. She did so, unaware that I was taking mental notes of the key features and his name. Her birthday was in a month, and I had finally been given the idea for what to get her. Later that night, I went to Build-A-Bear's website. I started making him to resemble her old bear as much as possible, and I gave him a little suit to wear. I even gave the same name to him that she had given her teddy bear as a little girl. When her birthday finally rolled around, I grabbed the little guy's cardboard house thing he had come in out of the closet and surprised her with it. She realized what what going on when she saw the name and how he looked just like the old one. Then, she started crying and hugged me. I was grinning the whole time. I saw her inner child coming out again over being reunited with him.

Later, after we had broken up, she had moved in with her friend and then we got back together and she moved back in. During the process, she had had her teddy bear at her sister's house. Apparently, her sister's dogs had tore the bear up and she threw it away. She had decided to do so without telling my fiancé. This led to her crying as much as she did when she had gotten him. She had lost him all over again.

Don't feel too bad for her though, she hurt me beyond belief many times and we ended up breaking up for good. I definitely put up with way more than I should have with her while still doing my best to give her moments like that birthday as much as possible.
crow1990 crow1990
26-30, M
Jul 14, 2013