Well, I'd Like to Think So...

...I think we're all fundamentally nice;  all good people.  That's why we're here, right?
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5 Responses Jul 17, 2007

There is good in everyone. Past experiences change people, they start to act cynical, mean, and lose whatever it was that was good in them. I have had my ups and downs in my life, but in the end I am still a nice guy. And for you to say that you don't believe that anyone who acts nice really is, is kind of sad. I hope you find it in yourself to trust again.

Ok. You're right. We're all just *** holes in disguise. It's very easy to be cynical. In fact it takes very little effort which is why everyone does it, I guess. Thanks for setting me straight. Damn. To think there was a bit of good in everyone - how naive I am!

I would normally agree with you, but I have just figured out that for the longest time my sweet and loving exterior was just a facade, and I have trouble believing anyone who acts nice is. There is only one nice person I have ever met, and her name is Karina. She saved my life once...

Here, meaning, doing this experience project thing. Whatever. Dig a little deeper, Dodo. I guess maybe I was to generalizing saying "all". Original sin doctrine? Seriously...

well, I think that the vast majority of us have it in us to do good. I don't think that necessarily makes us all nice, nor necessarily explains why we're here though? (Not that I subscribe to Original Sin style doctrines, which would curiously say the *opposite*)