I am a nice guy who treats people politely and with respect and therefore I always end up last. I have a lot of friends (boys and girls) and I have been told several times that I am a nice person. I also noticed that girls go after jerks and as*holes who would leave them with broken hearts and wet cheeks. Not just that but in the end they come complaining that all men are jerks and can not be trusted. When I hear such a story about girl being depressed about her boyfriend cheating on her or treating her like trash, I can't help my self but to think they are stupid. I mean seriously? COME ON! You had it coming. what do expect? That the guy would change? Guess what, PEOPLE DON'T CHANGE, THEY ONLY SHOW WHAT THEY ARE MADE OF. So ladies when a guy is a jerk, leave him. Or if you end up with such a guy, the least you can do is stop complaining, because in the end the choice was yours. Peace.
Razor00Edge Razor00Edge
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1 Response Jul 6, 2014

Yea,dont be a support(listening) to their crap...Just become an ******* and you'll begin seeing some action...Women love that,just they wont admit it.