Many assume I'm weak because I'm nice. They think I'm a pushover, and use that to get their way. The thing is, a guy can only take so much. Like the quote goes, "Even the devil was once an angel."
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1 Response Mar 9, 2015

I prefer being a good guy instead of a nice guy. Nice guys get pushed over just like you are experiencing, but there's no need to take it and " get to your limit". Good guys stand up for themselves, but can still be helpful.

They are not used to that response I would imagine. When I am not taken seriously I literally say," hey! This is not a joke!" Then say again what I said before, if they can't respect that then I consider cutting them loose if they are people I know, consider formal complaints in work settings, you know, whatever the next appropriate step would be to escalate their thinking on the issue. All of my real friends respect it when I have a problem, the ones that blew me off weren't really my friends and I don't miss them.