I thin it's a shame that nice girls never seem to be interested in the nice guys. Even here some of the jerks ruin it because some of the girls won't talk to other guys who may very well be nice. Then again maybe nice guys finish last because the nice guys care about her and don't want to make a mistake so never get the girl, or perhaps the nice guys don't show the traits of aggression and dominance females are evolutionarily programmed to follow. Anyone else have insight on this?
jlogan5000 jlogan5000
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4 Responses Jun 28, 2015

Dude, girls are interested in nice guys, they just don't like you.

Then again, it's a shame that nice guys never seem to realize that not all girls are into "jerks" and "bad boys". :)

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Ugh wow I never revised my grammar on this. Sorry grammar nazis...😬