Im Nice!!!

 im a nice guy, i admit it!!! im nice cos i was brought up to be nice, im nice cos its who i am, im nice cos i want to be nice, im nice cos i enjoy being nice!! im not going to act a bit more macho just to get a girl, and i dont need to be a backstabber or an *** licker just to get a promotion in work, and i dont need to smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol to be popular!!! i know the person i want to be, and its the person i am now, i have nothing to prove to anyone!!! im nice and im happy to be nice!!!

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You are welcome<br />
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You should this group that I created "I give out compliments."

awww, thank you *SuperMother2010* hehe (((hugs)))

Here to you my Scottish for being a nice guy.

oh yes, its good to have views like these!! thanks for commenting!!

Hear hear. Good to hear someone else with similar views to mine.

nope, nobody has described me like that before lol!!! thank you *shine* (((hugs)))

i love you too!! *shine* !!! i've never met such a beautiful person in all my life!!! now thats just me, being 100% genuine again!!!! if i say it, then its true!!!! (((hugs)))

well, sometimes it can be uncomfortable, cos a lot of times, people just dont "get" me!!! its almost as if people expect you to be a backstabber and a *** licker, and sometimes girls expect you to be a *******, and sometimes people expect you to join in the party all the time,but its just not me!! everything about me, is genuine!! 100%!! and im comfortable with myself, i sometimes do have doubts about myself, but everyone has that from time to time!!! and anyone that doesnt like me for being this way for any particular reason can remember this: " I JUST DONT CARE" lol

good for you. not many people are comfortable in their own skin