Ecept Me As I Am!

I really am a nice, affectionate, caring person and those who know me best could not imagine me as anything but so. There is no bit nor ounce of me which is cruel, mean, or petty in any shape form or way. Because of this, I think sometime that I’m doomed and condemned through so much of life, pained and aggravated by the frustrations of truth and bitterly aching realities. Being nice doesn’t always help. It takes way too much courage and strength to be a profoundly effectively nice person in spite of all the odds against pure love. We tend to think of the simply good as lacking in proper character and will, that someone who dares to go beyond human bindings in heart and soul is actually someone weak, bland, uninteresting or strange, bizzare, crazy. We feel disconcertingly weird when someone rhapsodizes us in unconditional adoration. Because any admirer must inherently be human, we refuse to allow the transcendent emotion of others to conduit with our more vulgar realities. We feel that unexplained, perhaps even undeserving affection is not specific enough to us, that it might as well be showered upon any one at all. Yes that is how some people can make us feel. Yes it’s hard but that’s who I am and no one will change me. Except me as I am and don’t take advantage of that fact. “ I’m nice!”

Friendlybabe Friendlybabe
31-35, F
Mar 8, 2010