I Need Your Assistance

hw have u been,am fin,its jst that i have been suffering for sumtime,i am student male nurse,am from southern part of nigeria,delta state,i am the the first son out of seven children,yea,what my father only do is to pay our sku fees,and you re to feed ur self,i have been going tru hell,......!!!
currently,i dont have cloths,food,medicine,i fall sick,or come down with malaria,i eat only once a day,atimes i dont get to eat at all,it hurts me,it seems i cant get help,but i wish i can get help,seriously,becos i am really suffering!!!
fweshboi09 fweshboi09
18-21, M
1 Response Apr 28, 2012

I feel very sad to hear of your trouble. Sorry.!!! I hope you can Push through these hard day's to a better future, stick with education and look towards a job and you will soon have more means,<br />
Now you may feel it will be a struggle forever but you will look back one day and it will seem like these times were just a bl<x>ink of an eye. xx