Outlet Wars

I wandered into a popular coffee chain with my laptop in tow, ready to hunker down and write out a few brilliant pages of fiction. I had brought along my charger because my battery was low, so of course was submitted to the embarrassing situation of poking your head around complete strangers trying to enjoy a relaxing afternoon together in order to locate the nearest outlet. Alas none.
I collapsed dejectedly onto a stool at the bar. When lo! I saw one within - barely - extension chord's reach. The guy I sat next to noticed my bid for the juicy outlet, and asked, "Is there an outlet there?" to which I assented. We both plugged and settled in. Suddenly, I noticed that my laptop wasn't charging at all - my particular socket must not be generating power for whatever reason. And sure enough, when I glanced at my competitor's laptop, the little charging icon in the bottom right corner was cheerily gleaming. A little part of me wanted to tap him on the shoulder and say, "Would you mind? I did kind of see it first."

But I am a nice person. So I pursed my lips, sat back, and began scanning for the next available seat near the only other outlet in the store - which eventually appeared half an hour later.

What can you do, really?
Ronsunny Ronsunny
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012