I Wanted To Be A Nurse....

Well I went to college to be a nurse. It was a huge dream and I really wanted it so much. I ended up becoming a CNA and taking care of the elderly which is very hard work but yet very rewarding. I spent 4yrs taking care of our moms/dads and grandparents. I formed many bonds during those 4 yrs...so much so everytime we lost a person it broke my heart. I remember all the times I would be sitting and talking to a person I took care of and they shared their life story with me, the things they did in their lives. Ohhh if I could make a movie write a novel-we have so much to learn from our elders. One stands out to me it was a lady I took care of she was in the military when she was younger, here was this lovely lady even in old age...I looked at her picture on her nightstand and just stared into it. She was decked out in military attire standing next to a plane she was up there in ranks from what I understand. I wanted to ask her so many questions but she could not speak :( I can only imagine the life she lived must have been exciting to say the least. I kept asking around if anyone knew anything more about her life? many did not that cared for her on others shifts, to some it was like no big deal..to me every one of those people meant something, not just a paycheck "oh no so much more then that. That lady she gave her life to be in the military..I was sitting on the edge of her bed...thanking her but the only way I could was look into her eyes and smile from inside with gratitude and thankfulness because you see her generation was in war and I think mabey I would not be sitting there at that moment if it were not for the sacrifices she made in her life for coming generations. So we get back to me wanting to be a nurse and why I did not become one. Well every person meant something and I knew to be a nurse I would have to know people and then try to let them go when they passed away...that for me was very hard...so I decided I could not continue on in that field. I am thankful for the people I did care for they brought some meaning to my life opened my eyes to so much more....Please treat the elders in your life with love and respect many of them fought for something way beyond their own self.......Thank you for reading this I have alot more in my mind I will share more later one.....Be blessed....:)
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beautiful story! what a big heart you have. thank you for sharing!

I'm a CNA and love what I do...It breaks my heart to see the elderly in my rooms with nevergetting any visitors. I try to spend a little extra time with them when I can

You have a kind heart hunnydipz...it takes a special person to care for the elderly...they certainly need love and attention and I am sure deep down they truly appreciate you for it :)

Thank you PreciousHrt, I really get way more than I give..but you already know that being a CNA yourself

Yes true...I am no longer a CNA and I do miss it..hard for me because I always bonded with the patients and when one passed it away it was really hard for me....

I must admit I stuggle with that too...But at present I still feel I am going enpugh good for others that I can justify the risk of my saddness right now. But burn out is very real in this profession as you know

Yes I know that it can burn you out....Hugs for all you do :)

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few people are willing to thank of and think of all the sacafices the past gemerations have made for us.

I know that is one of the most sad thoughts, especially rings true for our generation today.....ty for reading :)

I can totally relate to this. In this job I had there was a nice lady who was a nurse in the military, I can tell by the picture in her room and when I asked her, is that you? And what did you do? She answered " yes, that's me. I am a nurse, and I got a book on my purse in case I need to take care of people, so if you need help just let me know" I <br /><br />
don't think I will ever forget that moment. I admire this people for everything they been through and even more for the big heart and the wise words.

That is so touching ty for sharing with me :)

I always think it's impressive when someone can work with the elderly. Maybe I'm not old enough to understand yet but they kind of creep me out a little. And they also make me sad. Seeing how far gone they can become just depresses me. It is a constant reminder that, as we get older, we lose a little piece of ourselves as our minds go. You are an amazing woman, truly, to have been able to do a job such as that. Thanks for your hard work and dedication!

Aww ty so much ....I know what you mean though by watching how far gone...that was one reason I had to stop doing it. I just got way too attached to them and I could not bare the thought was losing them especially after getting to know them. However the 4 yrs I did that I did learn so much and I took a little piece of each one of them with me in my heart and mind, memories forever cherished :)

Such a beautiful story. I am also a nurse and I have learned a lot from my patients. Some of them give me so much wisdom, especially the elderly. I always feel bad when they don't have any family members there to support them.

Thank you Cheeniya4....they certainly do give alot of wisdom, and I always ended up adopting those with no family members that ever came in to be with them. Hopefully I made a difference in their lives as well. Hugs* :)

Thank for a nice heartfelt story. I am a nurse too although I work in a hospital. I have done aged care and there really are some interesting stories. Like you I do care about who I look after and I do agree the 'older' generation should be respected.

Thank you for the kind words. I give you alot of credit being a nurse as it is very demanding...but then again you can gain great rewards inwardly :)

Maybe you should change to a home carer? That way you will get to spend more quality time with these great people. I love the stories too, fascinating compared to the dull money obsessed world we all share today.<br />
<br />
I used to go out of with a girl who worked in an elderly care home and she used to catch all these weird and nasty bugs. I caught one from her once and it was disgusting, it caused nasty headaches and it felt like a worm or something was crawling around inside my head, not nice. She also left to do something else, open a shop I think.

I appreciate that you read my story...:) I don't do this line of work anymore but I do miss the relationships formed with our elders. I know you can catch alot if your not careful. I always gowned up and wore a mask and always washed my hands after taking off rubber gloves. I am sorry you got something that made you sick...And yes sad but we do live in a money obsessed world..and it is getting worse....