Which Sucks...

I'm still in school right now which means waking up early, which means going to bed a reasonable time. I hate going to bed before midnight. I like being alone once everyone else is asleep and that doesn't happen if it's before eleven or so at night. I also just like how quiet it is at all hours of the morning. Not to mention I can sleep when it is completely light outside. I'm good at that. (Although I have blinds and a sheet covering half my window.) My friends get annoyed with me because during the summer I would stay up until 6 AM or later and then sleep until three or four and then do it all again. They never got a chance to hang out with me because I was always sleeping away my afternoons and evenings. I quit doing that because it bothers me now to sleep in past ten.
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1 Response Feb 3, 2012

This is how I am currently, I stay up to early morning hours (still dark out) and then get up later in the day. I like it in the sense that I get to talk to my boyfriend who lives ways away from me. But, I do miss the morning, it is quite nice to get up early and hear the birds sing.^_^