I Love The Night

I've almost always loved staying up late.

I remember my dad working really late and staying up until two or three when I was eight or nine so I could see him. My brother was the one who would wake up early so he could see him before he went to bed. I hated the idea of waking up at five. Ew. Morning.

When I got older, I found there were a lot of fun things to do at night. I also found out that my body just liked staying up. It was used to it anyways, why change it? Of course, getting up for school wasn't so great, but a nap in the afternoon could fix that.

In the summer, I would go to bed right before the sun came up. I avoided that thing like the plague. I'd wake up at two or three in the afternoon. It was wonderful. Of course, my non-night owl friends didn't understand. They thought I was crazy and that I was missing out on something. But, they were the ones missing out. They missed out on the beautiful night sky. The empty streets. The sound of quiet. During the day, they don't get that. Of course, a lot of their favorite stores aren't open. Boo fricken hoo. There's more to life than shopping.

I am a night owl, proud of it, and I will never change.
ComatoseCricket ComatoseCricket
18-21, F
Sep 21, 2012