Midnight Hour

I don't get to sleep until 4am usually. I can't help it nowadays; my body clock is used to it. I seem to wake up around noon, if not a little later, so I end up staying up so late because I'm just not tired enough to sleep. Like now; my whole family's asleep, but I won't be for another few hours.

My garden backs onto a motorway, so every so often I can hear a car drive past. I also like to leave the window open when it rains, so I can listen to the rain drops hitting the extension roof outside my window. I like it.

I also sleep with my curtains open, something else I have adjusted to. Its strange because, sometimes I look out and see the lights from a plane, and I think to myself how far humanity has come. We've built machines capable of taking us into the skies and beyond. And then I think to myself about life on other planets, other galaxies; its too much for me to comprehend.

Which leads me to this song:

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Teej93 Teej93
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