No Sleep Man

I'm 57, and wake up all night long......its 3.25 in the am right now for pete's sake.It sucks getting old but I'm not going to give up.I hope you can resolve your sleep issues.maybe more excersise.
take care
bchsjim bchsjim
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Four hours, no matter when I go to sleep, no matter how little caffeine, no matter how much exercise. Like I have a timer that needs resetting..

Melatonin by SISU - 5mg can be bought at many Vitamin Stores, etc. It works well for me but I haven't been taking it lately. Probably will tonight - getting too worn down without proper sleep. Also I used to use Gravol. Remember "I Love Lucy" when Lucy and Fred went on the Staten (sp.?) Island Ferry ... yup - that put her down (sleep). I know the lack of sleep seems to feel like it is destroying you more each night. Not fun to put it mildly. I have had the Chronic Insomnia since February of 1988. Uggghhhhh ...