I wish I could define why I am such a night owl. But I think it is my perceptions of time. Day hours, and being forced to live according to someone else's idea of what a normal day is, kind of feel uncomfortable. I love the sun--don't get me wrong. I have stuff that needs doing during business hours before work, so changing when I sleep will become a must here in a short time. But sleep before 3 am? Are you nuts??

I also seem to get my best work done, creatively or spiritually, at night, and I'd get even more done if I lived on my own. My dad's just as much of a night owl, but he's got boundary issues so getting him to quit interrupting me is a challenge. (I digress.)

Anywho, night-time is when most music gigs get scheduled. And I just happen to be a musician. Coincidence? I think not. (Before you ask, no I have not yet played any gigs, but I hope to at some point. It's just gonna take some careful planning)

I could write more, but this owly Kat is getting sleepy. Hoot!
druidkat7 druidkat7
31-35, F
Dec 2, 2012