The day when i get free from exams from that day i didn't sleep in time, i don't sleep till 3:00 am and then of course waking up timings are also changed  ...:p
 One of my friend call me"Raat ki rani"(queen of  night..:p)
another friend call me night owl....:p
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Look up DSPS; its a condition we night owls have where our bodies tell us to sleep at a different time then "normal" people. Serotonin, melatonin, and our body core temperature tells us to sleep at a different time. It may be different, but its explainable and some answers are better than none at all. I personally love the quiet of the night, but it is frustrating and many of my relationships have suffered for it, so I understand.

hmm acha

This is what my mother used to call my younger sister NIGHT OWL

why? ? just bcz of the same reason?

Yes exactly the same reason